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Making Resolutions with your Children

Posted on General January 13, 2014 by Mary & Claire

As the New Year rings in, it brings with it the feeling of a fresh start or a clean slate. This is the time that we typically make our New Year’s resolutions or in other words, set our goals for the upcoming year. It allows us the opportunity to reflect on the last year and improve upon what we have already accomplished or make positive changes for the next year. As we, adults and parents, ponder what goals we are going to set, we should think about teaching our children about this ritual. It teaches them the power of goal setting, a very important life skill.

Choose a time when your family is together to talk about what resolutions and goals are and why we make them at the beginning of each year. Use this teaching moment to discuss how setting goals help us to make positive choices and work towards accomplishing something important to us. Not only talk about the normal resolutions such as making your bed every morning and keeping your room clean, but brainstorm about the things that make them happy and what they like to do. What inspires them? What excites and motivates them? As adults we look at setting our goals as making positive choices and changes, guide them in the conversation to think about the same. Maybe help them to come up with 2 or 3 individual goals and then discuss a few new family resolutions for the upcoming year that you can work towards together. Remember that different ages will have different levels of responsibility so make sure that they are achievable otherwise they will be set up for failure. Write them down in a family journal or notebook, create a resolution box to drop them in or even just a piece a paper to hang somewhere for you all to see. Have them available to refer back to so they can see and celebrate the small accomplishments that they make along the way or if they possibly need to be tweaked in any way.

Above all, enjoy this time as a family and appreciate that you are teaching your children a valuable skill for them to use throughout their lives.