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Posted on Feelings, General July 28, 2014 by Mary & Claire


Feelings…sometimes when we hear this word we tend to role our eyes and wonder why we have to talk about our feelings. Right!? We have all done it at some point in our lives, but have you ever stopped to think why it is important to understand what we are feeling? Why is it important to talk about our feelings or express our feelings? Feelings are important because they help us learn how to understand ourselves. Everyone is different and responds differently in situations. It is important to learn to identify our own feelings and others’ feelings to be able to act appropriately. When we understand our feelings we can use them to create a healthy expression of emotions whether in happy or sad situations or when dealing with stress or conflict. Teaching children about feelings can help them to know what to do when problems on the playground or in their neighborhood occur, or problems with the friends arise. Understanding their feelings will give them the confidence to deal with the situation in a constructive and positive way.

Mary & Claire

What is a Friend?

Posted on Friendship, General July 28, 2014 by Mary & Claire


We all have friends, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself what makes your friends special to you? What is it that they possess that makes us call them “our friends?” What makes us a good friend to others? These questions are essential in teaching our children to think about who they are and what values others possess that makes them important to us. Once these are understood we can start to explore friendships with others. Getting to know another person can be very interesting and challenging too. When you do not know someone, one tends to have assumptions and unrealistic expectations. My Remarkable Self encourages children to think about their own special qualities, how to look for them in another person, as well as how to get to know someone and maintain that friendship. We believe that these are important tools to help them navigate a significant aspect of growing up that can also be useful throughout their adult lives.

Mary & Claire