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Footprints in CyberSpace

Posted on Conflict Resolution, General, Technology October 17, 2014 by Mary & Claire

The most recent hacking incident with Snapchat once again reminds us that everything that we put online is there to stay regardless of what is promised. Each time we post a picture, make a comment and are tagged in someone else’s post or blog, our digital footprint is increasingly cemented. As adults we have the ability to see beyond the immediate and recognize the consequences of our online actions but as smartphones and unsupervised internet access is given at younger ages, our children do not have the vision or ability to understand that what they put out there can effect their ability to get into college or even get a job one day. In our My Remarkable Self classes, we work with children through various activities to explain how their actions, whether in the classroom, on the playground or at home, will effect them and how these actions and their choices, both positive and negative, lead to consequences. It is no different in the digital world. The more we can work with our children to try to help them understand consequences both in the real world and the cyber world, hopefully they will begin to understand.

Today many schools are working with children as young as elementary school to create a positive online presence through online portfolios, or if they are aspiring artists, posting their work on sites such as Pintrest. Actors, Athletes and Musicians can create YouTube videos of their skills. It is a way to present a positive image of themselves, to show off their personality, their life and their work. This will follow them as they try to apply to colleges and try to get jobs one day. It is a simple as a Google search.

There are many ways that we can help our children use the Internet to their advantage both now and for their future. It just takes our time (which is limited for all of us) and focus to stay up to date so we can work with them. As parents, we try hard to teach our children right from wrong, instill good values and teach them how hard work will pay off in the end. It would be terrible to think that in one instant, with one click without their understanding of what they are doing, that they can jeopardize their future. #onlinesafety #stopcyberbullying

—Mary & Claire


Posted on General October 9, 2014 by Mary & Claire

 I AM, I CAN and I WILL.  Thank you all for entrusting your beautiful, bold and brave daughters with us at the My Remarkable Self / Ivivva event on Friday night in Westchester.  We had a great event, learned a lot about each other, had fun and learned some new things about ourselves and self-esteem.  It was very powerful and was amazing to see the girls confidence as they dove into our lesson and the night’s mantra “I AM, I CAN, I WILL.” As they explored this they came up with unique responses that empowered them as individuals. After the lesson, a Mother sent us a picture (see below) of what she found at home that her daughter was working on. For us is brings tears to our eyes to know that the girls are understanding their gifts and are building confidence in who they are. GO GIRLS!!

Make sure you watch for future events on our “Upcoming Events” page and for further information on our November “Parent to Parent Connections.” @myremarkableslf @Ivivva #IamIcanIwill #selfesteem #MyRemarkableSelf




–Mary & Claire

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