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True Winners

Posted on Affirmation, Feelings, Friendship, General November 5, 2014 by Mary & Claire

I try really hard not to get up on my personal soapbox too often when I write this blog (no laughing), but every once in a while I read or see something that truly moves me and reminds me that society is still fundamentally good. That’s how I felt when the Huffington Post article, Students Disqualified For Helping Girl Finish Race,” came across my Twitter feed. In the High School State Cross Country meet in Minnesota, a girl fell 50 meters from the finish line. Two girls in the race, her opponents I might add, went back and helped her cross the finish line causing them to be disqualified because of a league rule against helping another runner. To me those girls are the true winners of that race. To work as hard as they did to get to the state meet and then trade that in to help another person speaks volumes more than a sports achievement. It shows that we are still teaching and modeling empathy for our children. It shows that we have taught them that it is much more important to be a good person in this world because that moment of being human will take you much further. As we parents struggle to understand and parent children of the social media generation and worry that compassion for another is lost somewhere in texting, let this be a reminder that it does not have to be. We are who our children look up to and model. Well done to the girls’ parents, teachers and coaches. Most of all, congratulations to those rock star girls who remind me of the kindness that is still out there. You won that race.
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–Mary & Claire