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Daddy’s Little Girl

Posted on General, Parenting February 9, 2016 by Mary George

The Mother/Daughter relationship garners a lot of attention because of its importance in helping to develop a daughter’s future self-esteem as well as helping to create a foundation for healthy future relationships. Learning to communicate is essential to developing this bond. But how often do we look at the Father/Daughter relationship? This relationship also has a very important role in the lives of girls. It has been linked to how girls develop their body image, self-esteem and trust as well as possible depression later in life. The relationship also helps to lay the groundwork for what girls look for in future relationships with men. While there are many studies out there that discuss the significance of the Father/Daughter relationship, a friend recently sent me an article that talks about the special Father/Daughter bond on a lighter, more relatable note. So grab a few tissues, appreciate this article and send your Dad some love wherever he may be…

Why Daughters Need their Dads

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