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Posted on Self-Esteem January 21, 2017 by Mary George

This weekend’s Women’s March crossed every barrier – race, religion, gender. It went global, inspiring and empowering women from every country, political affiliation, and society. It was truly moving. I hope that it keeps moving forward and the future generations can build upon the foundation of every woman and person who has stood up for their rights before them. It is our right and our humanity. #strongertogether #womensmarch2017 #myremarkableself

If you were not in Washington to see Alicia Keys or have not watched the video, please do. This GIRL IS ON FIRE!



What is your WORD for 2017?

Posted on Feelings, General, Self-Esteem January 1, 2017 by Mary George

It is that time of year again – time to reflect on our past year and decide what it is that we want to work on for the upcoming year. What goals do you want to achieve? What good habits do you want to create? Goals help move us forward and keep us from remaining stagnant. The same goes for our children as well. Setting goals and creating resolutions for the new year will help them grow as they work towards something. In the past few years my blogs have focused on how to help our children create their resolutions and the ideas behind it are timeless. (Read – Making Resolutions with Your Children and The Power of Goals)


For 2017 I want to switch things up a bit. This past year I was with some of my fabulous, inspiring friends – you know the ones, the friends that are consistently there for you no matter what – to talk you through the tough times, laugh with you during the good times and remind you of who you truly are – A soul cleanse so to speak. Anyway, a group of us were out to dinner one night and one of my girlfriends was talking about how this past year she decided to simplify her resolutions and focus on a word that she needed to help guide her through the year. A word I wondered? How was a word going to help guide me? She explained her idea and it led to a thoughtful, powerful conversation as to what word we each thought we needed to embrace and why. One word helped to develop focus. It created an easy, meditative quality to remind you of your goal. My word for 2016 was LAUGH. While that may not seem very deep on the surface, it was what I needed. I needed to focus on the elements of my life that made me happy and try to let go of the unnecessary thoughts, items, and people that have been bringing me down. I needed to try to be “lighter” as a person. By having my one word, laugh, to come back to, it could remind me of all of the reasons why I needed that word. One of my other friends chose PATIENT– patience to take in every moment and not live for whatever was next. She wanted to slow down and appreciate her life. Another chose FEARLESS – she had a huge life change ahead of her and needless to say she was terrified of the unknown and how the change was going to effect many aspects of her life. There were many other words chosen that were equally as powerful and needed to each individual around the table.


One of the words chosen by a friend that night that really resonated with me was BREATHE. Such a needed word for 2016. I cannot tell you how many times that word has come back to me in my daily life. In fact so much so, I am going to take it on for this year. BREATHE…breathe, to remind myself to appreciate what I have been given…breathe, in the moments that I am nervous or scared… breathe, when life feels that it is weighing down on me…breathe, before losing my cool… breathe, to refocus…breathe, to think clearly…breathe, to find energy…breathe, to remember my strength…breathe, to remember that who I am matters in this world.


So as you think about your resolutions and goals for this year, consider choosing a word – it has power!


Happy New Year!