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Wonder Women

Posted on General May 10, 2017 by Mary George

Over the last six months I have been overwhelmed with the incredible, amazing, wonderful power of women. The strength to show their perseverance and the amazing support that women have for one another. I often wonder if the reason women are put and pushed down so often is because there is a fear of their power and strength of what they can truly achieve in this world. It is most likely far superior to anything that we have seen as of yet.

I have been blessed with seeing the strength of women especially in my peers, friends and family. Their ability to be present Mothers, work outside the home, develop fulfilling relationships and manage not only their lives but others all while leaning in, should be applauded. And I do not mean a sit down quiet clap, I mean a standing, yell at the top of your lungs, jump up and down, drop the mic ovation! So as we approach Mother’s Day, remember those special women in your life and all that they do for you.


Happy Mother’s Day!


—Mary & Claire



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