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To those before us…

Posted on General June 23, 2017 by Mary George

I took my daughter to her first travel lacrosse tournament this past weekend and I did not think twice about it being an all girls’ lacrosse tournament until I was reminded of the anniversary of Title IX. There were at least 8 fields of girls teams from all over the south ranging in age from 8 to 17. Games began at 8am and continued throughout the weekend. This is where we are in 2017 thanks to the signing and passing of Title IX on June 23, 1972 by President Richard Nixon. This law prohibited high schools and colleges that receive federal funding from discriminating on the basis of gender in any program or activity, including sports.  This is possibly one of the most successful laws ever to be put into play- no pun intended. In a recent USA Today Article, Donna de Varona, Olympic gold medalist and Title IX advocate said, “The passage of Title IX 45 years ago changed the trajectory of American women, thus transforming our culture. We found our way into space, onto the Supreme Court and into the high echelons of politics. In the sporting arena, we became visible affirmations of what is possible, offering up strong, confident role models for future generations.”
So as you cheer your daughters on in their soccer, field hockey, dance, cross country, tennis, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, swimming, hockey, golf and other sports and activities that they do today, remember those who made this possible – Billie Jean King, Katherine Switzer, Misty Copeland, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Manon Rheaume, Mo’ne Davis, Venus and Serena Williams, the 1999 Women’s National World Cup Soccer team, Pat Summitt and so many others. Dare to dream girls! You can change the world!
—Mary & Claire

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