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Are you STRESSED?!?

Posted on General, Stress September 28, 2017 by Mary George

Tips for Stress & Transitions!

The beginning of school is difficult for all of us. We are coming off of a carefree summer with little semblance of a schedule. Our kids are shaking off the cobwebs and trying to acclimate to a new grade, possibly a new school, and the ups and downs of friendships. As parents, we are dealing with their books, uniforms, class schedules, back to school nights, and scheduling activities not to mention being the taxi for them and trying to work! I can feel my anxiety rise just writing about it! So what can we do to deal with the stress that both we and our children have as we transition into a new school year? We thought that we would take a few tips from our Workshops on Stress and Transitions and give them to you as a way to help you deal with this crazy time of the year.
Treat this year as a FRESH START –
  1. Allow for a clean slate to start the school year. Your child may be a different student – even a few months can trigger a huge maturational spurt.  Summer experiences may contribute to new skills or confidences that encourage a new commitment to academics, reduce their fear of making mistakes and therefore make them more willing to think creatively.
  2. Don’t repeat your previous mistakes.  Think back to the previous strategies that you tried to implement. What worked? What did not? Find a time to think about it and possibly try to new approach.
  3. Be open to new possibilities and remain positive. Notice small spurts of maturity and growth and acknowledge them. Success is motivating.
  4. Be appropriately involved. As our children grow and change, how we involve ourselves also evolves. Be aware of your child’s maturity. Every child is different and what is right for one child may not be right for another.
  5. Set up Technology Use contracts with your children – if you both know what the expectations are then it will negate future stress and issues.
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