Monthly archives: November 2018


Posted on General November 4, 2018 by Mary George

November always seems to be a time of reflection for me. With Thanksgiving right around the corner I inevitably think about the ups and downs of the past year and the people and choices that have been positive for me and for my family. This year I keep coming back to “community” and why it is so very important in our lives. The present, pervasive negativity that hangs over us as a country I feel can be lessened by those that we know are good for our individual souls. You know, those friends that fill you up and remind you of who you are…the groups that you are a part of that work for the greater good of others…the teachers that work tirelessly to guide our children… our neighbors who offer a smile and a wave on the way out the door in the morning…the people who believe in what you do and offer their help.  It is these connections and friendships that bring the positivity back to our lives and remind us that there is goodness out there. So in reflection we are grateful and thankful for you  – the wonderful people of our various communities that continue to give encouragement and friendship and especially those who have given us at My Remarkable Self unwavering support throughout the years.

— Mary & Claire


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