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Why we do what we do…

Posted on Feelings, General, Parenting April 1, 2020 by Mary George

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” -Margaret Drabble

Why we do what we do…

In these crazy times we all need a boost, a bit of hope, and even a reminder that what we do matters. Thank you to the parents and schools who support us and the girls who continually inspire us!

“Thanks again for hosting these calls for our girls in this really remarkable time. I was sitting in the other room working and couldn’t help overhearing the discussion and crying over the big feelings these little girls have. But listening to them talk and come together and overcome these feelings was a humble reminder that they are role models for each other – and for myself as well. Thank you so much for being there for them!”

– A Remarkable Parent

Activities at Home
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And for Parents, a little bright spot…
SomeGoodNews” on You Tube. John Krasinski highlights some (much needed) good news around the world.
Remarkable Connections is a project we are launching to help pass along gratitude, love & connections to medical personnel, first responders and others that are sacrificing so much and putting themselves out there for others during this time.
What to do:
Have your children write a thank you note or draw a picture and drop off or send to 111 Hix Ave, Rye NY 10580. Or email us pictures/notes to share. My Remarkable Self will distributive packets of letters to hospitals, police station, EMT, fire stations etc in your communities.
Please email us with any questions.