Baylor’s epic fail for their female students

Posted on General, Self-Esteem May 28, 2016 by Mary George

#StrongWomen – I applaud the women at Baylor for their strength and determination to not allow the money behind the Baylor football program stifle their voices of the sexual assault that has taken place at their school. It is truly unimaginable to think that people view winning above rape.

Consider this – your daughter has worked hard, been accepted into a good college where she strives to gain an education and learn about life. During the time that she is there, she is sexually assaulted. If that is not horrible enough, she is then met with the fate that the school and allegedly the local authorities cover it up and do not investigate or prosecute the perpetrators because they want to build a $250 million dollar football stadium. The greed, loss of perspective and loss of humanity is truly unimaginable.

The women reporters at ESPN helped continue to keep this story in the media with the Outside the Lines story on February 2, 2016, “OTL: Baylor faces accusations of ignoring sex assault victims.” The reports continued throughout the last few months helping the victims bring their stories to light and helping them fight for their legal rights. Finally Thursday, after Baylor’s Board of Regents had stated on May 13, 2016 that “significant decisions” would be made to “preserve and reinforce trust in Baylor University,” the school’s president, Ken Starr was “reassigned” and the head football coach, Art Briles was dismissed. Read the timeline of events – “The end of Baylor’s Art Briles.”

So to the #StrongWomen who endured this breakdown of our supposed civilized society, I again applaud your strength, courage and perseverance to bring to justice those involved. Nothing will give back to you what was taken away but you have given others the path to follow to make their voices heard.

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—Mary & Claire

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