Summer Reads!!

Posted on General July 9, 2018 by Mary George

Summer has arrived! Sand between our toes, the adirondack chair on the deck, or the hammock in the yard – the dreamy spots to kick back and read. Ahh, the blissful days of summer…and it’s been a long winter. So we thought that we would kick off the summer by sharing with you a few of the books on our list for the next few months. They are not your mindless reads but they may put you ahead of the game in understanding your child’s world and help them navigate it as the new school year approaches. We have also included a few picks for teens and tweens! 
We would love to hear from you too! So if you have any books similar to ours in nature, please post them to our Facebook page and share! It truly takes and village and we are all in this together!


What we are reading…
untangled – Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions Into Adulthood
by Lisa Damour, Ph.D
Glow Kids
by Dr. Nicholas Kardaras
The Whole-Brain Child Workbook:  Practical Exercises, Worksheets and Activities to Nurture Developing Minds (the workbook to the book, The Whole-Brain Child)
by Daniel Siegel
How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk
by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

*Reads for our teens (and us too!!) 
Turtles All the Way Down
by John Green
The Hate U Give
by Angie Thomas
by Alan Gratz
The Running Dream
by Wendelin Van Draanen
*And a few for our younger kids…
Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus
by Dusti Bowling
Hello, Universe
by Erin Entrada Kelly
Amal Unbound (10+)

by Aisha Saeed


—Mary & Claire

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The Journey Ahead

Posted on Affirmation, General, Self-Esteem, Stress June 3, 2018 by Mary George

For many, the end of the school year means Graduation- whether it is college, high school, 8th grade, 5th grade or even pre-school. It signifies growth and change as well as also a time for reflection. A reflection on the positive aspects of the last few years that helped you achieve your goals academically, personally, socially and above all what has made you happy.
Remember who you are and your unique qualities and talents that make you special. Take those with you and embrace them as you gain more independence. Think about the amazing friends that have filled you up along your journey. They will still be there for you – You can live in different places, experience different things but you can come back together and the foundation of your friendship will still there. As you move on there will be situations that arise in which you will feel lost. Remember that it is okay to ask for help. It is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of intelligence. Ask for it, you are not alone. Failure will occur, you are living and learning, it is a part of life. Grow from the experience and forgive yourself along the way.

As a friend so eloquently said to me, “Be brave. Be bold. And do not waste time moving in conflict with yourself. Find your niche in life and begin building in it as soon as you hear the faint voice inside that says, ‘this is who I am.’ And never stop listening to it.”


To all of the wonderful young adults and children that we have been privileged to work with –
—My Remarkable Self  
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