Highlighting Friendship & Teamwork

Posted on General December 11, 2013 by Mary & Claire

Watch this with child and talk about the meaning of putting others before yourself and taking a risk and making a new friend. Your child can change a life and so can you.

The Art of Giving

Posted on General December 7, 2013 by Mary & Claire

We have found this fantastic book called “An Invisible Thread,” by Laura Schroff, in which the book’s simple message of kindness encourages students and parents alike to explore the impact of human connections. It reminds us of a lesson that we do with our students where we explore feelings, friendships and relationships. We ask them to go home and do something helpful for someone and/or say something kind and see how it makes them feel as well as watch how it impacts the other person. The smiles and facial expressions that the students had when they returned to class the following week and told everyone about their experience was priceless. It is a wonderful reminder in this holiday season what a small act of kindness and compassion does for the human spirit.