Brutally Honest

Posted on Bullying, Conflict Resolution, Feelings, Friendship, General November 12, 2014 by Mary & Claire

How often do we just want life to roll along smoothly, especially with our children?

The ideal mellow, peaceful, stress-free day with our child/children – Easy to get up and off to school happily, no rushing necessary…come home after a great day, tell you all about how everyone was kind and played together nicely and that they loved what they learned…homework is a breeze, no complaining, I love dinner! Sure Mom, I would love to read tonight, right after I take my shower and before I go to bed on time…Wow, take a moment and just imagine…

Now, snap out of it and understand that our world has changed and our children need guidance regardless of the denial, that we as parents, may want to be in on many issues. The world is not an easy place for our children and we need to help them navigate it. On that note check this out…”Brutally Honest: Mean girls are getting younger.” Let us know what you think.


–Mary & Claire


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