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Posted on Affirmation, General November 26, 2017 by Mary George

Today everywhere we turn there is a book, a segment of a show or an article about how to find happiness. It seems to be an elusive feeling that we are continually striving for in our lives but cannot seem to define or attain. We are constantly bombarded by images of a better life- whether it is through others’ Instagram and Facebook posts, advertisements, or seeing the exotic lives that others are leading through reality shows. It makes you feel bad about who you are when you take in these images which in turn makes your life seem inferior therefore constantly wanting more and more.

There are varying schools of thought of how to find happiness. The Western belief is that focusing on nurturing oneself, using our gifts for others, and connecting to other living beings, will help to improve our happiness. The Eastern philosophy of looking within oneself through meditation and yoga allowing us to think deeply about the positive aspects of our lives as well as pushing away the worldly temptations, is where true happiness lies. More deeply, the Dalai Lama states, “The ultimate source of happiness is within us. Not money, not power, not status. Some of my friends are billionaires, but they are very unhappy people. Power and money failed to bring inner peace. Outward attainment will not bring real joyfulness. We must look inside.” While I am not a scholar of either philosophy, I believe that a mix of eastern and western ideas can help us begin our journey and guide our children to finding sustained happiness. Focus on the small day-to-day positive thoughts and/or actions to evoke a sense of gratefulness which is thought to be a key element. This month is a perfect time to start as Thanksgiving approaches and our minds turn towards thinking about what we are grateful for in our lives. Below are a few ideas to help develop your child’s (and your own!) sense of gratitude:

Start a Gratitude Journal- Studies suggest that writing down 3-5 things in a gratitude journal 3 times a week may have an impact on our well-being and relationships. The goal of this exercise is to remember an experience, person, or thing in your life and enjoy the positive emotions that action creates. Writing it down is the key.

Meditation apps:
Breathe: Apple Watch App
Headspace: Meditation- Guided Meditation
Calm- Meditation and Sleep Stories

Community involvement – Living responsibly and acts of service – talk to your kids and find what interests them and figure out how to help them give back. Is it helping to build homes, reading to younger children, stocking the food pantry, starting a coat drive, offering to help the older couple on your street? Whatever it is there are a multitude of ways to do something positive for others that will fill them up with good feelings!

Thank you notes- The age old hand written thank you note! Who knew that our parents and grandparents were onto something when we wrote these!

Create Gratitude Stones- there are a few ideas as to how to use these. One that we like is to have your child paint a flat stone, write something that they are thankful for about someone else and give it to that person. Or write what they are thankful for and keep in in their pocket or where they see it everyday as a reminder.

Reflection- Think about the people in your life that you are grateful for and how they helped your you.

Kids Books:
Have You Filled Your Bucket Today? By Carol McCloud
Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed by Emily Pearson
Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelt


—Mary & Claire


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Posted on Affirmation, General, Self-Esteem, Stress December 1, 2016 by Mary George


December and the wonderful spirit of the holiday season could not be coming at a better time. November was a tough month! I have to say that I am very happy to see it end. From the ups, downs and surprises of the election to the devastating fires in Tennessee. I think that we are all in the mood to start spreading happiness, kindness and good cheer. It’s long overdue for 2016.

Our children live a much more stressful life these days. The ever increasing demands to do well in school, sports or other activities is causing our children to suffer. They must also endure being included, bullying, and now on top of that, the 24/7 cyberworld that is constantly in their faces. So what does kindness have to do with that? It can help develop a society that has hope, believes in positive change and creates happiness both inwardly and outwardly. At study out of the University of California at Riverside, students were assigned to do 5 random acts of kindness every week for 6 weeks. At the end of the study they found that the students levels of happiness had increased 41.66%. That should tell us all something!

So this December, join us in highlighting #ActsofKindness – tag us on our Instagram and Facebook pages with your children’s (and your) #ActsofKindness or send them to us and we will post them! We challenge you to create a better world!

As a bit of inspiration, “a recent study by Arber Tasimi, a graduate student at Yale University, and Liane Young, a professor at Boston College, found that kids who do good—and think back on it—are driven to do more and more good. As Tasimi says, “These findings show that something as simple as asking children to reflect on their past good deeds has positive effects on children’s behavior.”

These small #actsofkindness can change the world!

#myremarkableself #sharekindess #kindnessmatters


—Mary & Claire


**My Remarkable Self is available to give workshops, school/camp assemblies and classes for parents, students, educators and businesses. Please contact us at for further information.**

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