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Culture Change? It’s on us.

Posted on Conflict Resolution, General, Self-Esteem September 10, 2014 by Mary & Claire

At this point I am sure that you are tired and frustrated hearing about the NFL player, Ray Rice and the horrific abuse he committed against his fiancé. It seems to be another act that social media is beating to death without something really and truly being done to stop the abuse. That’s what it should be about right? Not about the NFL cover up, not about football. It should be about what we can do. Ironically this week marks the 20th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act.

How do we make this better as a community? What we can take from this experience to teach our children? In the past our culture has put the onus on the woman – what she did to provoke what has happened to her. Let’s teach our daughters that it is not the case. Let’s teach them that they are strong through boosting their self-esteem and confidence. Let’s teach them that their voice matters and that they can stand up for themselves. And let’s not forget, if they are strong and believe in themselves, they will always be confident in saying “No” when it matters. Focus on what they do well and encourage it, celebrate it. Their strength will keep them safe. They are the future and they can make change occur if they have the tools to do it. Making people aware is what changes the culture. Let’s help our children do it. @MyRemarkableSlf #MyRemarkablSlf #selfesteem #WhyIStayed

–Mary & Claire

Frustrated, Angry, now Furious!!! Learn to Deal

Posted on Conflict Resolution, General July 28, 2014 by Mary & Claire


Conflict occurs in every aspect of all of our lives – whether it is our children arguing with one other, issues at work, countries at war or our children having problems with friends or at school – we are inundated with conflict everyday. How do you handle it? Do you place blame, stomp off and refuse to talk, only listen to one side of the story? Do you scream and yell? Do you think that you could have done something differently if you had the chance? What matters most though is how we deal with conflict and how we demonstrate and teach our children to deal with conflict. We need to work with them to understand themselves and their reactions and feelings in difficult situations that can lead to conflict as well as resolve conflict. It is a life skill that is invaluable…for all of us.