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National Bullying Prevention Month

Posted on Conflict Resolution, Friendship, General September 30, 2019 by Mary George


October is here which means National Bullying Prevention Month is kicking off! We thought that it might be helpful to provide you with a few resources to help you, your children, school and/or community get involved with anti-bullying advocacy this month and beyond.

Friendships, Bullying, & Navigating Social Relationships – Parent Workshop

My Remarkable Self Parent Workshop – Contact us for details

Stomp Out Bullying End the Hate, Change the Culture

The leading national nonprofit dedicated to changing the culture for all students. Visit Stomp Out Bullying for details about each week.

10/7/19 #BlueUp – Anti-bullying activities include STOMP Out Bullying™’s signature campaign World Day of Bullying Prevention™ on the first Monday of every October.

The Week of October 7th
Make friends with someone you don’t know at school

Challenge Others To Be Kind
Make kindness go viral with an act of kindness and challenge friends and classmates to pay it forward with their acts of kindness.

The Week of October 14th
STAND UP for Others Week

The Week of October 21st
Week of Inclusion

The Week of October 28th
Start the Week With Conversations Amongst Your Peers

Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center –

Resources to support bullying prevention as an individual or with friends and family, and within your school or community.


Cancel Bullying –


Good vibes are contagious. Did you know? It takes 5 positive affirmations to cancel the impact of 1 negative message. Start spreading good vibes at your school!

  • Print and post tear sheets that contain kind words to help cancel negativity and help stop bullying before it starts.
  • You’ll be entered for a chance to win up to $7,000 in scholarships from DoSomething. NICE.


Anti-Bullying Film Festival

Each day in October “Not In Our School” will launch a new short film about standing up to bullying and intolerance. The festival includes a range of films that showcase the incredible energy and enthusiasm of young people taking a stand against bullying.

Information about bullying, cyber bullying, prevention, and resources.

A little kindness

Posted on Friendship, General October 4, 2018 by Mary George

In our My Remarkable Self program, we work with children and adults to understand what bullying and cyberbullying is and how to prevent it through interactive  lessons and workshops.In observation of National Bullying Prevention Month we thought that we would share a few ideas and resources to help you be a part of the movement to stop bullying.
  1. Ask the new student in your class to sit with you at lunch or on the bus. Check out the check out the FANTASTIC “Sit with Us” App designed by a student!
  2. Make friends with someone at school who you don’t know. Many children wish that someone had done that for them at some point.
  3. Be respectful of others’ opinions even if they are not your own.
  4. Figure out what you love to do, whether it is painting, writing, playing a sport or an instrument and do it!
  5. Be an UPSTANDER – Bullies have been known to back off when others stand up for victims.
1.  Learn what bullying is what it is not.
2.  Set a good example and model kind and respectful behavior.
3.  Get involved in a community group where your child can interact with kids who are outside of your normal school or social group.
4.  Be a good listener – encourage conversations with your child with open-ended questions.
5.  Encourage your child to do what they love or enjoy which will boost their self confidence.
Resources: – Cyberbullying Research Center
The Bully Project – National Bullying Prevention – Resources
Bully (2011) – Documentary
Finding Kind – Documentary
— Mary & Claire

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