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We use their products, maybe we should also consider their rules?

Posted on General, Technology September 17, 2014 by Mary & Claire

Have you ever envisioned what Steve Jobs’ home looked like? Tablets for coffee tables, personal computing centers instead of your traditional desk and a home computer that reads your impulses and does things for you? Can you imagine? Interestingly enough that is not at all what his house is like or many of the top technology executives according to a recent New York Times article, “Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent.” While there are many thoughts as to how to raise your children in today’s technology driven world, most technology gurus limit their own children’s screen time as well as have major restrictions on their access to technology. Why do they do this? They see the dangers of social media and the Internet everyday. They worry about cyberbullying, harmful content and addiction to their devices – just like their parents. While they seem to have different restrictions for their children, they all agree that there needs to be a limit set which seems to usually be based on age. Whether it is not allowing screen time during the school week or only allowing them to use devices in the family room, there are definite boundaries. If these technology CEOs, executives and developers who are creating and selling technology are doing it, shouldn’t we figure it out rather than just letting our children have an Instagram account because their friends do or let them roam around searching Google with no supervision? We use their products, maybe we should also consider their rules. @MyRemarkableSlf, #stopcyberbullying


–Mary & Claire

Can you be smarter than your child?

Posted on General, Technology September 3, 2014 by Mary & Claire

Remember the promises that you made to yourself when you gave your child their own smartphone? Yes, those, you know the ones. As the school year begins it is a great time to set guidelines or remind your child or children of the parameters that you put into place regarding their technology use. Take some time and educate yourself about what is new in social media, check out your children’s Instagram accounts as well as who and what they are texting about. It is our responsibility as parents to keep our children safe. We require them to wear bike helmets, not take rides from strangers and look both ways before they cross the street. The Internet is no different just because it is cyberspace. It is not a place to let your child run free regardless of what their friends are doing.
For help in navigating Internet safety with your children, Teen Angels, a Division of Wired Safety, offers online safety tips for all ages including parents. Educate yourself and be proactive rather than having to possibly be reactive one day. It is our job. @myremarkableslf @wiredsafety #stopcyberbullying

–Mary & Claire