Division I Athletes?

Posted on General, Self-Esteem, Stress August 13, 2014 by Mary & Claire

As we begin thinking about what activities and sports that we are signing our children up for this upcoming school year, consider why we are doing it and if it is going to be beneficial or cause undo stress to our families. We live in a world that has changed since our idealistic days of leaving home in the morning to play with our friends and showing up for dinner that evening. But does it mean that our children need to be busy every hour after school gets out and all weekend long? How much is too much? An article on CNN, Overscheduled Kids, Anxious Parents,” asks the question, “Are we cramming them into too many after-school activities without an eye toward what lessons they’ll learn about themselves?” There is a fear that we are not going to expose our children to everything and therefore possibly miss out on finding what is going to make them the next super star or Division I athlete. What we tend to forget as we get caught up in the mayhem, is that it is important to find what makes our children feel confident, whether it is playing the piano, kicking the soccer ball or building Legos. Feeling confident will then spill over into other areas of their lives. They will want to try new things, have more meaningful relationships and be able to make good, positive decisions. When it is all said and done as parents, what is truly important is what we instill in our children as human beings. What is that going to be?

–Mary & Claire