Do you approve of your children’s friends?

Posted on Conflict Resolution, Feelings, General, Parenting, Stress November 20, 2014 by Mary & Claire

Do you approve of your children’s friends? Are you worried about the choices that they may make?  Is your child still throwing tantrums at age 10? When having family gatherings or going to parties, what is socially inappropriate verse appropriate for their ages– do you know? These are all questions that run through our minds as our children move from childhood through adolescence into their teenage years. As they age and change, there are many difficult times for all of us to navigate. It sometimes feels as if we exist in a vacuum and are very alone with these issues. Understand that you are not. These are all very normal thoughts, feelings and questions that are helpful to discuss with other parents. It is incredibly beneficial to hear how others deal with situations similar to yours and the strategies that they use.  Sharing your thoughts and ideas may also help others. Friends and support networks are invaluable to parents as we go through these years with our children together.
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–Mary & Claire