Fortnite and Kids – Yes or No?

Posted on General, Parenting, Technology April 16, 2018 by Mary George

About a month ago my son got in the car after school and said, “Mom, can I get the game Fortnite to play on my phone with my friends?” Having known that this question was possibly coming I was somewhat prepared. 
“Why do you want to play that game?”
His  response – “All my friends are playing it Mom and their parents are letting them play it.”
Unfortunately for him that was not the right response…”As you well know just because everyone else has it and is playing it does not mean that you are going to to do it too. [Deep sigh from him] Why don’t you tell me about it and why you want to play it.” He proceeded to tell me about zombies, the post-apocalyptic world, survival, weapons – using his words wisely, knowing my feelings about these types of games.
“Why don’t we take a look at it together when we get home,” thinking that as soon as we walked in the door that homework followed by sports would come crashing down on us. I was also hoping that this particular game craze would be short-lived and pass before we even had a chance to take a look. 
Not so lucky on my part. As the month has gone by, I have read every article, parent guide, and review on Fornite that I could get my hands on. The persistence of my son has not stopped either. So as of today we have agreed that we will download the game and play it together so I can actually understand what he is doing and what he likes about it. It will give me the opportunity to address certain aspects of the game with him as well. Bottom line, it is about the two of us communicating and understanding what he wants to do online and why. The more he knows that I am involved, the more careful he will be and therefore safer. So far our negotiations continue but I think that we are in a positive place considering our opposing points of view in which we both started.
As you are navigating your way through this latest game craze, here are a few articles and guides that I have found useful though my Fortnite journey that may help you as well:
 —Mary & Claire
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