Frustrated, Angry, now Furious!!! Learn to Deal

Posted on Conflict Resolution, General July 28, 2014 by Mary & Claire


Conflict occurs in every aspect of all of our lives – whether it is our children arguing with one other, issues at work, countries at war or our children having problems with friends or at school – we are inundated with conflict everyday. How do you handle it? Do you place blame, stomp off and refuse to talk, only listen to one side of the story? Do you scream and yell? Do you think that you could have done something differently if you had the chance? What matters most though is how we deal with conflict and how we demonstrate and teach our children to deal with conflict. We need to work with them to understand themselves and their reactions and feelings in difficult situations that can lead to conflict as well as resolve conflict. It is a life skill that is invaluable…for all of us.