Mean Girls – What are you going to do?

Posted on Friendship, General, Self-Esteem October 1, 2014 by Mary & Claire

Read this fantastic article “Want to Stop Mean Girls? Raise Nice Girls, Instead.”  We really could not have said it better ourselves! It emphasizes the need for us to work with our daughters to find their strengths, to teach them to relate to one another and for us as parents to model empathy and have honest communication with one another. We feel that our curriculum does just that. Our curriculum at My Remarkable Self, is designed to help kids become successful : socially, emotionally and academically. It consists of 40 plus lessons, one for each week of the school year. It is a program for educators and children that offers children the skills to empower themselves within the community, to make their lives socially, academically and personally successful. It is a program that offers training in communication and problem solving tailored to address specific challenges facing children six through eighteen. The curriculum can be modified to suit individual needs. To learn more please visit our website or contact us at


–Mary & Claire