Our Philosophy

Growing up in these challenging times often leaves parents, educators and students without models or guidelines for healthy development. We often seek guidance to redirect children only after a problem is identified. Instead, our goals as parents and educators could/should be to facilitate personal development, relationship building and dynamic family relationships as a natural part of our daily life. We believe that this goal can be achieved by identifying the possibilities and seeking creative ways to achieve them.

Children are human their problems and needs are human problems and needs. They seek consciously or otherwise personal development, they want to grow as much as they are able to the fullness of their possibilities. Their tasks are bi-fold: identifying the possibilities and seeking ways to attain them.

The My Remarkable Self® program offers children the skills to empower themselves within their community, to make their lives socially, academically and personally successful. It is a program that offers training in communication and problem solving tailored to address specific issues and challenges facing children ages six through eighteen. The program can be modified to suit individual needs. It offers social and intrapersonal skills intrinsic to a social and academically successful family, school and community experience with the goal of leading to competency in a challenging world.