“Post it” Forward

Posted on General, Self-Esteem August 20, 2014 by Mary & Claire

At My Remarkable Self, we truly believe in empowering children within their community to make their lives socially, academically and personally successful. It is not just words to us, it is a drive to want to help children build confidence, communicate effectively and to learn how to navigate friendships, feelings, and conflicts. It is so very important in our world today.
Something that we have done for years in our classes and workshops has been to have children write something positive about a friend on a post-it note and give it to them. Each child then has multiple messages from others that they make into a collage or picture. As they read their messages you can see smiles across their faces from ear to ear. It makes them feel so good about themselves and it is incredibly heart warming to witness. So when we see others also working to make our crazy world a better place we like to give them a big shout out. PostitPositive is the work of an 8 year old’s art project that started as a collage with classmates and now she’s collecting PostitPositive notes worldwide. Check it out their new challenge this Fall on Facebook and Twitter and get involved! #myremarkbleslf, #postitpositive