Self Validation @ Youtube?

Posted on Affirmation, General, Self-Esteem August 3, 2014 by Mary & Claire

We have all asked the question, “Am I pretty” either to ourselves or out loud to others but today some preteen girls are opening up their question to the world through YouTube or other social media platforms. They are asking the world, who does not know them beyond their physical presence, to define them and to give them validation. Yalda T. Uhls, a psychiatrist and researcher with the Children’s Digital Media Center in Los Angeles, recently stated in the NY Times article, Tell Me What You See, Even if It Hurts Me, “Just because they know how to press the right buttons or turn off their geo location doesn’t mean they understand social learning or how the opposite sex thinks.” At this age they also do not understand the consequences of putting themselves out to the world for discussion.
For us at My Remarkable Self, we feel it is important to teach girls what is unique and important about each of them individually. What makes them feel confident, strong and happy? What makes them special? As well as, what are the consequences of their actions? Think about your child or children’s true interests, what makes them happy and let them know that no matter what, they are loved. Start the conversation and be engaged. If we do not help our children try to find and understand what makes them special and unique, who will?

–Mary & Claire