Sunny Side Up Nutrition Podcast interview with Claire!

Posted on General October 12, 2020 by Mary George

Listen to Sunny Side Up Nutritionists’ interview with Claire this week on their podcast about children’s social emotional health.
❓Do you have questions about how to support your children’s social and emotional health?
❓ Questions about how to talk to your children about puberty and differences?
❓How to parent in a body positive way? We discuss: – How puberty can be tough for kids, especially if they are unprepared for the changes that happen. – How bullying can manifest as both overt aggression as well as micro-aggressions. – Messages to convey to kids about being tolerant and accepting of differences. – Why the My Remarkable Self program places such a healthy emphasis on kindness – The importance of kids being kind to each other and the value of self-compassion.
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