The “Meaningfulness” of Life

Posted on Affirmation, Feelings, General June 30, 2015 by Mary George

“What is the meaning of life?” While that question has caused many generations to seek out an answer, it seems now the question has changed – “What is gives us a meaningful life?” Is it our family life, our friends, our careers? Dr. Dacher Keltner, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley has put out a video that breaks down the science of how our emotional responses help us to adapt to our own environments. He states that our feelings, one the most basic building blocks of who we are, will drive us towards a meaningful, fulfilled, successful life. “[W]e think about who we are as a species, and emotions are who we are as a species.”

He states that most experts believe that Darwin’s theory, “survival of the fittest” does not fully describe us. It is actually sympathy that is our strongest instinct. “Those communities that have the most sympathetic members will flourish and do the best. So out of that comes this other philosophy of ‘survival of the kindest.'” The more good we do for others makes us happier and better people.

Check out the video:

—Mary & Claire

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