“The Question”

Posted on Communication, Feelings, General, Parenting, Puberty June 8, 2015 by Mary George

My 3rd grader came home the other day from playing outside with neighborhood friends and asked his Father, “Dad, what is sex?” Needless to say shock was the first reaction since it was our 3RD GRADER!! My husband looked at me as the impact of the question lingered and I mouthed, “You have to tell him.” And he did – just the basics that are important to know at this point in his life. It is amazing how young our children are now when they start talking and asking about sex and puberty. Maybe we did too but the thought of asking my parents seemed much more taboo than it is today.

After thinking about our son’s question, I was happy as a parent that he was comfortable coming to us and that now he was going to know the correct information, not something that a friend at school had cobbled together and told him. I would rather him be knowledgeable than not and feel comfortable coming to us about these things. Puberty and sex are human nature and how our body works first and foremost should be taught and understood. I want my kids to constantly ask my husband and me questions so they have the correct information and so they can be safe as they grow up. And if for some reason I do not know enough or feel that someone else can help teach my children or me, I will absolutely seek them out.

There is no shame in seeking help.

As it is with everything concerning our children, we need to learn and stay on top of what our children are doing. Let our generation create and sustain the conversation with our children and take out the uneasiness.

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—Mary & Claire


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