The Simple Acts

Posted on General, Parenting March 11, 2018 by Mary George

In the recent weeks the pervasive undercurrent of anger and hatred in our country has bubbled over yet again. It is ugly. It seems that we are now living in a culture of declining compassion for others and an unwillingness to compromise. In our world of needing “likes” rather than understanding another’s perspective, have we lost this compassion? How do we get back to reaching out to others in need? Let us teach our children that kindness towards others makes a difference and that simple acts can make a change and create a more caring, safe, and understanding world. 
Begin the conversation with your children as to what they think being kind to another means. Ask them how they can be kind to someone in their daily lives. After having these conversations, make it a routine at dinner every night to ask what act of kindness they did that day. Creating this repetitive action helps it become part of their thought process causing it to stick with them. Do not hesitate in offering suggestions to them either such as:
 – smile and say hello to someone new
 – ask someone to sit with you at lunch that you do not usually sit with
 – if you see someone alone at recess ask them to play or join your team
 – find something in common with a classmate that you do not know very well 
The more tangible situations that we can point out to our children as to why showing compassion and kindness is important, the greater the possibility of better world in our future. 
—Mary & Claire
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