What people say about us...

        My favorite topic was talking about bullying. I used to be bullied a lot when I was younger and it really helped to find ways how to avoid it now and to know that I'm not alone.
        I will take everything to high school. You have changed how I interpret life in ways I cannot describe. I thought before I met you that there was no hope in being successful socially, but you proved me wrong.
        I think communication was the most valuable lesson. I think learning how to share your feelings is valuable for an entire life.
        The most valuable lesson learned for me were the different types of conflict. I really learned how to deal with the different types of conflicts.
        I loved the workshop, it certainly opened up my mind/thoughts to be more aware of how I act and behave around my girls. Also to focus on the "good" in them, not just their accomplishments in sports, school, etc.
        I don't know what you are doing but whatever it is, please keep it up. My daughter LOVES your class and talks about it all the time. She so looks forward to it each week. Thank you for making her so happy.
        This really is an incredible program - thank you for making it so unique and special - Lauren truly loves it!
        The wonderful bonding and feeling of intimacy it leaves us with. Sharing thoughts with my daughter in the support of the group.
        My daughter has always been the type of child who has needed me to help solve her problems until this class. Recently, on two different occasions, she has explained to me how she used the tools you have given her to deal with a friend who has hurt her feelings. She has been able to voice her opinions in a more confident manner thanks to Kids Empowered.
        A program that should be mandatory in every school - thank you for this opportunity for my daughter.
        Many thanks for running this amazing class! Being candid, my daughter was not pleased that I signed her up for this after school program. After the first week, she was not upset to return, and by the third week, she was eager to return to the class! .My daughter is very reserved, and this class has helped her come out of our her shell. At the most recent parent teacher conference, her teacher noted a significant difference in recent weeks with her willingness to initiate group discussions.
        Thank you for this program: my daughter started out by not being too happy missing lunch / recess to looking forward to each and every MRS session. She came home so excited and couldn't wait to tell us all about the wonderful activities and discussions. I also thank you for your educator and parent emails as they helped keep me up to date with the program and allowed for much more meaningful conversations at home.
        Thank you for helping my daughter make something that I will treasure for a very long time.