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our mission & philosophy

our mission & philosophy

The My Remarkable Self® program is a social emotional learning program that offers children the skills to empower themselves within their community, to make their lives socially, academically and personally successful. It is a program that offers training in communication and problem solving tailored to address specific issues and challenges facing children ages eight through eighteen.

The program can be modified to suit individual needs. It offers social and intrapersonal skills intrinsic to a successful family, school and community experience with the goal of leading to competency in a challenging world.

what people say about what we do

“It was WONDERFUL to have you in the school this year and I look forward to expanding this next year. Everything you did was excellent and the students really benefited from your knowledge and the joyful way you approached what can be a touchy subject! My sincere thanks for being exemplary educator role models!”

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High School Dean of Student Leadership & Wellness

“My favorite topic was talking about bullying. I used to be bullied a lot when I was younger and it really helped me to find ways how to avoid it now and to know that I’m not alone.”

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7th grade student