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community workshops

community workshops

Our tailored workshops engage community members to empower
and educate themselves.

Group of middle school girls smiling with Claire Neary and Jen Morris
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We work with many community groups and non profits including Girl Scouts and the Carver Center. We offer student, parent and parent / child workshops on specific topics or topics tailored to meet the needs of a school or community group. We are experts in helping Girl Scouts earn a badge!

Claire Neary and Jen Morris with a group of girl scouts
A group of girl scouts doing an activity together
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Workshop Topics Include but are not limited to:

  • Navigating Technology & Social Media
  • Communication & Your Child
  • Self-Esteem & Leadership – Strong Girls Strong World*
  • Let Failure Fuel You
  • Stress & Transitions
  • Friendship & the Power of Words*
  • Shattering the Glass Ceiling (for high school girls grades 9-12)*
  • Taking Care of Me – Puberty & Hygiene (girls)*

*Specifically designed for students, can be tailored according to age.

what people say about what we do

“I want to second that we LOVED the workshop. It was such a wonderful experience for the girls and they enjoyed the meeting so very much. Jen and Claire did such an excellent job engaging with the girls and handled even the trickiest of questions so beautifully. We hope this can be an ongoing experience for the girls over the years and there are so many amazing topics to cover.”

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Daisy troop leader, Scarsdale

“Just because you feel insecure within yourself doesn’t mean that you put others down to climb to the top – I learned that at My Remarkable Self! How to be a good friend to myself and other.”

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15yr old 10th grader

let’s get started today!