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our curriculum

A curriculum designed to help kids become successful:

  • socially

  • emotionally

  • academically

Claire Neary and Jen Morris with group of middle school girls holding hearts

central themes of our curriculum

self esteem

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self care

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a program developed for educators and children consisting of 40 plus lessons

The My Remarkable Self® curriculum offers children the skills to empower themselves within the community, to make their lives socially, academically
and personally successful.

quick facts

  • a program that offers training in communication and problem solving tailored to address specific challenges facing children eight through eighteen
  • the curriculum can be modified to suit individual needs
  • the curriculum uses a hands-on creative approach via role-play, small group discussion and projects
  • the My Remarkable Self® curriculum is available for licensing
middle school girls writing answers to a project
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Group of middle school girls holding up handwritten board of their group project work

we also offer

Peer Mentor Training

We offer Peer Mentor Training for students taking on leadership roles within their school, camp, and/or community.

Faculty/Teacher training

Faculty/Teacher training is also available and can be tailored to suit your needs within your school, business, camp, and/or community.

what people say about what we do

“Thank you so much!  I went home and removed the laptop from my son’s room that evening.   It was insightful and impactful for sure; thank you for sharing your time and expertise.”

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Corporate workshop – lunch and learn attendee

“My favorite topic was talking about bullying. I used to be bullied a lot when I was younger and it really helped me to find ways how to avoid it now and to know that I’m not alone.”

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7th grade student

“I think communication was the most valuable lesson. I think learning how to share your feelings is valuable for an entire life.”

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8th grade student

let’s get started today!